Westport, CT

With an art deco theme throughout, this renovation project was a labor of love for this art centered family. With the intention to downsize, each space was reimagined for couple living with the ability to accommodate guest visits. The client’s own art was heavily incorporated to the design in a variety of unique ways. The runner on the main staircase was custom created with the pattern belonging to one of her paintings. The bright and vivid colors of the many art pieces are mirrored in the palette of the interiors. The family room, known as the Mens room, became a bit more masculine, in darker shades of blue and grey with varying dark species of woods. The bathroom makeovers are all in black and white and outfitted with art deco inspired wallpapers. Most of the wood floors were replaced and stained black. MPF Interiors collaborated with the artistic homeowner to develop a design that truly reflects their taste and practical needs.

Photographer: Warren Jagger & Lorin Klaris

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