Mid-Century Modern Staging In Darien

Darien, CT

MPF Interiors was selected to design the famed Richard Meier ‘Smith House’ for the 2018 Darien House Tour. With such an esteemed reputation among the architectural community, the Meier house required a thoughtful combination of midcentury and modern consideration in the interiors. Anastasia set out to develop a design that compliments the iconic architecture and does not detract from the stunning views of the Long Island Sound. The house was mostly bare, with only a few pieces of furniture and art that were original to the house. All of these items were incorporated into the design to honor its history and preserve its original story. The upstairs rooms were reimagined, with the exception of the office. The first room was where the original owner had slept as a child, so the built-in bed was remade per the original. The second room we designed as a reading room by adding a chaise lounge. The largest room was converted to a TV room (or a family room) allowing the downstairs to act as a great room with the view of the water. Most of the main selections were grounded in the black and white scheme with the addition of primary colors, the Mondrian principal.  In rooms that were not entirely visible from the exterior (north side rooms with view windows) more vivid colors were incorporated, like the greens and oranges of the breakfast area and reading room. The TV room and Master Bedroom employ a more neutral calming palette inspired by the water and one that is in line with a current transitional home.

Photographer: Jane Beiles

Art: Sorelle Gallery, Appleton Art, Jacqueline DeMontravel

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