Private Residence

Greenwich, CT

Strategically located atop a hill on twenty acres of land parceled from the former Conyers Farm Estate, this Georgian residence recreates old world grandeur. Drawing inspiration from its predecessor, the house is placed in the same location as the original Conyers Manor and designed to emulate Georgian houses of the same era. The interiors of the home set the stage for dramatic sophistication that is still approachable and can be enjoyed by a close-knit family. Throughout the home, details incorporate the owner’s personality, such as rain catchers featuring bronze-cast super hero reliefs. Each room plays a specific role and therefore possesses its own style. A moody and elegant dining room with dark patterns and high-end fixtures for special dinners, calm and comfortable master bedroom in muted palette for private relaxation, sophisticated master bathroom with wall to wall marble for ultimate self-pampering, bright and airy breakfast area with farm like aesthetic for family meals. Successful integration of the formal and playful leads to an iconic home focused around family life.

Photographer: Warren Jagger

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